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Term 3, Week 1, 2, & 3

English In Writing, we will start the term by sharing our holiday experiences; students will discuss what they did on the holidays and write a recount. Following this we will be concentrating on narrative texts. Students will be engaged in… Continue Reading →

African Drumming – Cooper, Tom & Vana

African Drumming- Pearl,Joseph & Oliver

African Drumming – Stephanie, Alana, Bastien & William

African Drumming – Kiara, Toby& Max

Term 2, Week 10 & 11

English In writing we are completing our focus on explanation texts. This involves the students revising and editing their writing and then publishing their text. This may be handwritten or using a computer. Once students have completed their work on… Continue Reading →

African Drumming – Paul, Maximus, Michael, Sienna

African Drumming – Claude, Miquel, Keira, Olivia

Term 2, Week 7, 8 & 9

Wow, what an exciting term we are having!  So much has been happening… English In Writing we will continue learning about explanation texts and the children will be using their knowledge of the structure and features (introduction, sequenced reasons/processes, conclusion)… Continue Reading →

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