Term 3 Week 5

Challenge – how much water do you use when you brush your teeth?

This week in class, you will talk about ways you could measure how much water you use when you brush your teeth. Your challenge this week is to go home and use your method to answer the challenge question. In class we will share and compare our results.

brushing teeth

Term 3 Week 3

This week you need to complete your water use tally at home. We will look at the data you have collected on Monday 3rd August, so please make sure you bring them to school on this day!

Term 3 Week 2

This term our Inquiry essential question is “How can we use water sustainably?’

This week, talk to your family about how you use water at home. In the comments section below, record the ways your family uses water.



This week you may also like to play some games related to our current maths topic, Multiplication and Division. Below is a link to the Topmarks website multiplication and division games (this is the site we have used for place value and time). Remember you can change the difficulty by clicking on the age tabs along the top.