This term we are exploring “What connects us to places around the world?” As part of this we are looking at Australia and other countries around the world. We have listed some of our questions below. If you are able to help answer these, please leave a comment.

How long did it take to build the coliseum in Italy?

How many people live in Australia?

Where did Don Brandman play his first cricket game?

Where did David Warner play his first cricket game?

How many schools in Australia?

How long did it take to build Big Ben?

What is Big Ben?

How many deserts are there in Australia?

How did Tasmania break off from Australia?

How do animals survive in the Australian desert?

What did Australia look like when Tasmania was connected to the mainland?

How many different types of snakes are in Australia?

What kind of people are in Australia? (What background do they have/where do they come from?)

How did God make us?

How big is Victoria?

How many people are in Italy?

How did all the continents get split up?

Who came up with the name Australia?

How was Australia made?

How was the sea made?

How long did it take God to make Victoria and all of the states?

How big is Uluru?

How big is Australia?

How many movies and songs have Australian people made?

How many native Australian animals are there?

Why is Bali so hot?

Why is Queensland at the top of Australia?

How/when were all the cities and buildings in Australia made?

How many people live in New Zealand?