The term is well and truly underway and the 1 / 2 students are already learning so much. During Term 4, students are continuing to be exposed to new concepts and are consolidating their current knowledge.


In Writing, students are focusing on the structure and content of information reports. Through their exploration of this text type, students will be working on building sentences from key words. Students will be required to research facts and rewrite this information in their own words. Students will also be focusing on writing persuasive texts. They will be required to differentiate between facts and opinions and, through their writing, will attempt to persuade their audience of their views.

We will be consolidating our knowledge of the editing and publishing process while working on these text types.

In Reading, classes will be enhancing our comprehension skills by reading factual texts about Australia and our world. Students are continuing to build on their literal and inferential comprehension skills by looking for evidence in texts to reinforce their answers.


In Maths, students are continuing their investigation into the topic of ‘Chance and Data’. You can assist you child’s understanding of this topic by encouraging them to do simple surveys of family members and friends about their favourite food or animal. Your child can then tally the information and attempt to display the information in a graph eg. a bar graph or pictograph.

Students will also begin exploring the unit of ‘Fractions’. As fractions can be a difficult concept for some students to grasp, it can be beneficial to explain to your child how fractions occur in real life situations. You may wish to ask your child to assist you in the kitchen by cutting sandwiches into halves, quarters or thirds or ask questions eg. ‘If there are 8 pieces of chocolate in a block and I broke it into quarters, how much would each person get?’

By incorporating numeracy knowledge into real life situations, you are emphasising the practicality of Maths and the important role it plays in our world.


In Religion, students will be building on their knowledge of the Infancy Narratives by revising scripture stories. They are learning about the different recounts of the nativity that feature in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew and are considering how the messages of these scriptures link to the Catholic Social Teachings of Human Dignity, Solidarity and the Common Good.


Inquiry is keeping us very busy! As a way of developing our knowledge about Australia, each class has sent a soft toy to travel through variety of schools spread throughout our country. Each of these schools will provide us with information about where they live and will communicate with us about life in their community. Students are also discovering information about the places throughout the world that their families and friends feel connected to.