During the first week students will be completing a variety of writing activities. These will include a recount about their holiday and a variety of creative writing activities. Following this the students will be focusing on information reports. They will look at grouping related information into paragraphs.

To complement the writing focus, students will be involved in deconstructing information reports during Reading sessions. This will involve exploring the structure of a variety of information reports and language that can be used.

We will start the term by finishing off our focus on Money. Through this unit we are developing our understanding of Australian currency, ordering amounts of money and adding coins and notes to determine the total. Following this we will move onto chance and data. During this unit students will look at the accurate collection of data and how to represent this data graphically.

In Religion, we begin our unit by exploring the signs and symbols of different religions and where they come from and what they mean. We will then be revising the Infancy Narratives from the gospels of Luke and Matthew and identifying the significant symbols associated with these narratives. By analysing these narratives, we will build our knowledge of their different events and interpretations of Jesus’ birth.

This term we will address the essential question “What connects us to places around the world?” Through this unit we will focus on places that are important to us and how we are connected to different places. This will involve exploring places within Australia as well as throughout the world.