In Writing we are drafting narratives and working hard to create stories and illustrations which convey our ideas.  Closely linked with our narrative writing, in Reading we are continuing our focus on illustrators, deconstructing the narrative and examining the big ideas that the illustrations and words convey.

Following our work on narratives we will be looking at poetry, and try our hand at writing some verse!


In Maths we are finishing our unit on division and applying our learning about the different operations to problem solving.  Students will solve a range of problems developing solving strategies which they can use in a variety of situations.  Asking questions like, “what strategies can you use?” is a way to incorporate these skills in everyday thinking.

After problem solving we will be focusing on telling the time.  Using and explaining time concepts will be the focus of this unit.  Explicitly referring to the time and asking your child to make note of the time will compliment their learning in class.

We are continuing our exploration of the main people in Jesus’ life, and our responses to artwork which depict characters from scripture.  

We have been experiencing different artforms (collage, dance, origami, and inkblot), and are continuing to refine and define our ideas of what is “art”.  The students will begin to finalise some of their individual artwork to be displayed at the end of term, and will be challenged to describe and communicate their ideas through their art.